Daki Specs

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Daki Type (2 Sided)
50cm x 160cm (19.5in x 63in [5 1/4 feet])
Peach Skin (Default) $50 ($45 for orders over 10)*
Short Plush (Fur Texture) $57 ($52 for orders over 10)*
2-Way (High Quality Material) $65 ($60 for orders over 10)*

* Prices do not include S&H

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Additional Information

Peach Skin (Default) A sturdy, smooth, non-stretchy fabric with a nice silky sheen. Prints vibrant colors with great detail.
Short Plush (Fur Texture) Fuzzy plush feeling, not unlike fleece fabric. The fabric has slightly more give to it than Peach skin, however due to the plush surface, please keep in mind details may print slightly less sharp.
2-Way (High Quality Material) Our highest quality offered. A nice ‘spandex’ type of feel provides for a cool; stretchy material with a smooth surface. Prints vibrant colors with great detail.

Product Features

  • High print quality, high color fidelity.
  • Sturdy sewing, will resist heavy use.
  • Individually folded and packaged in cellophane bags. Nice presentation!
  • Micro zipper, small and sturdy.

Zipper Detail & Packaging Detail
zip package

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